Finest Knitwear Collection Spring 24

unique, local, independent

Frühling 2024
Lace crafts

Kex top culture/ Anita Keckeis

On October 6th and 7th Anita brings us her fine, extraordinary pieces of jewelry. She designs lace and uses it to make accessories.

More about this in the magazine.

From now on

Our long-awaited ALL YEAR VEST in azure blue is now available.

Fall 23/24

This fall I'm dedicating my collection to lightness, which is expressed primarily in the color world.
There are lots of hard-working people at work on the hand knitting machines in Berlin, at Strickchic in Apolda and at Karla in Slovenia to produce sustainable, beautiful garments for you.

Always exciting to see if everything works out. We definitely don't want to mis-produce or over-produce.