A microcosm in which the desire for people, materials and fashion is lived...

The shop lillimendelssohn knits & fine products is the heart of our macrocosm.

Our shop is located in the heart of western Berlin. In the shop you can try on and purchase the entire lillimendelssohn collection – fine knitwear and the hand-made small series. Here we show you our collections carefully and creatively, get into conversation with you and take the time for advice.

A place where traditional handicrafts, the desire for materials and their shapes can be felt. A place where we work and meet with you. Here we let ourselves be inspired, meet the people who are passionate about us and tell the stories hidden in every single piece of clothing.

In addition to our own line, we also sell other selected sustainable things: accessories such as Abury bags (Berlin and Marrakech), Alex Bender leather accessories (berlin) or jewelery from Beasty_Beads jewelery (Berlin) but also fashion from friends such as Braves& Company ( Hamburg), Merz b Schwanen Shirts (Berlin), Nada Quenzel Hutdesign (Berlin), especially blouses (Berlin), Zwölfer Siebdruck (Berlin). The lamps from bel+bo Lampunikate (Berlin) brighten up our shop and your life too.

From time to time we exhibit other designers, manufacturers and artists that are close to our hearts and that we would like to share with you.