With a little care, your knit will last forever...

At the heart of the fashion of lillimendelssohn stand our knitwear. There are a few small tips with which your new knitted piece will be with you for many years to come:


Air your knitted garment frequently. Our knitwear is made of 100% pure wool - pure wool that is washed too often degreases and loses its quality.

To wash

If you want to wash a knitted item, please use a gentle, high-quality wool detergent. Wash it on the wool cycle of a modern washing machine up to 30 degrees, possibly in a laundry bag. Or do something special for your knitted item and simply wash it by hand.

Dry and straighten

With a few exceptions, wool does not belong in the dryer! Simply lay your washed knitted piece flat on an absorbent pad. If it gets too wrinkled after laying it out, you can flatten it out easily with a good iron at low temperature and lots of steam. This is how the fine wool fibers like to show themselves.

Please note: Each of our items of clothing also has its own care instructions, which we use to point out any special features.