Enthusiasm for a wonderful material, for color and shape

lillimendelssohn is a label for individual knitwear. Wool fascinates. The designer Lilli Mendelssohn knows and appreciates good yarns. Since 2004 she has been designing timeless, expressive and everyday clothing for women of all ages.

Our style is characterized above all by the clear, unusual use of colours. Each collection tells a unique color story. The surprising color combinations are touching with their presence - sometimes subtle, but always powerful, the garments allow you to show who you are.

All knitwear is made from valuable wool, such as pure merino or cashmere yarns, sustainable and of the best quality . The loving and knowledgeable processing of each piece shows the enthusiasm for the wonderful material. The practical and sensuous properties of the yarns ensure security and well-being .

On the one hand, lillimendelssohn defines itself through the individual hand-knitted collections. Each individual piece is elaborately handcrafted on the hand knitting machine in the region.

On the other hand, the label is characterized by the fine knit lines. The down-to-earth sister of the hand knit line stands for basics with well thought-out, clear cuts and optimal wearing comfort.

Both collections are always designed to last: they fit together perfectly and are so timeless that they complement each other instead of replacing each other.

A small, fine textile line made of high-quality fabrics complements the knitwear. Blouses, skirts and trousers complement the individual pieces in the collections to create complete outfits.

Our cardigan jackets, dresses, tank tops and pullovers, cuffs, scarves and shawls as well as accessories are sure to become favourites. Because they are so wearable, changeable and combinable. The fashion supports you in confidently showing your personality – at work, in your free time or in the evening.

women who love our pieces wear, appreciate feminine sensuality, they love to wear skin-friendly and high-quality fabrics, have a sense for a self-confident outfit and pay attention to where their clothes come from.

For lillimendelssohn , being close to the producers is just as important as being close to the customers. The hand-knitted items are made at home in Berlin, the fine knitted line is made in the region and the suppliers are carefully selected. A fair calculation lets everyone involved live well and the sustainable production takes the planet into account.

lillimendelssohn is a Berlin label that reflects on the tradition of fashion making and is fascinated by craftsmanship. Lilli Mendelssohn and her team are driven by the possibilities of new technology, by curiosity about exciting materials - and by the attraction of dressing the woman in the here and now for tomorrow.