Stories find their thread, their colors, their form in the knit...

Do you want to know why I do fashion? I make clothes because my need is to transform materials into garments.

For me, developing a collection is like telling a story. An imaginative way, like traveling through different times and to many places. For me, thoughts do not find their form in letters, words, or sentences; they find their thread, their colors, their form in garments. Everything revolves around people, around their and my experience. Attracting people is very important to me and inspires me again and again. It is my need for beauty, individuality, functionality and warmth that inspires me and that I express in clothes.

How lively it is to watch people choosing one or the other piece of clothing every day! It fascinates me how they feel comfortable and express themselves in a compilation or even just a single part in very specific situations and settings. I search and find colors, shapes and materials to support them in this.

The formal aesthetic of my fashion was shaped by my product design studies, travel, encounters and my work in the theater. Although I was very close to literature, text and language during the years as a costume design assistant, it was there that my desire to express emotions myself and create them in the form of clothes that can touch people grew.

In 2004 I finally found the way to give my design a shape through the manual skills and the technical understanding of the production and manufacture of knitwear...


your Lilli