Each piece is designed, knitted, tailored and manufactured with great care and attention to detail

The style of fashion from lillimendelssohn is a commitment to traditional craftsmanship with a big heart and expertise.

The exclusive, elaborate hand knitting line is partly knitted in our studio and partly by skilled women at home. There used to be a lot of handwork done at home – today we consciously cultivate this culture of knitting and tailoring. When our knits are made in homes, we know the craftsmanship is good and we want to preserve the value of this traditional manufacture.

Our fine knit small series are manufactured by a selected company in Thuringia on industrial machines in small quantities. We are there regularly and are always happy to see the precise and meticulous work.

Some textiles that are not knitted are sewn in a small company in the Czech Republic under German management. We can fully identify with the people there and their work.

With everything we make, it is important to us how and with whom we make it. We maintain close contact with our knitters, tailors, production facilities and the sources of our materials. We always have a personal relationship with the people who make our fashion possible.

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