Materials: pure wool, merino, cashmere

Materialien: Reine Wolle, Merino, Kaschmir

Wool dresses, cools or warms and caresses the skin...

At lillimendelssohn, we are passionate about high-quality, durable yarns and fabrics.

Pure wool is a unique material, wonderful in its originality, that we prefer to use for our knitwear. Wool is very comfortable to wear, is extraordinarily insensitive to dirt and offers a particularly sensual quality. Wool can be worn in summer and winter, transports moisture well, is breathable and skin-friendly (only the wrong wool itches!).

For our hand knit collections and fine small series, we mainly work with high-quality Italian merino and cashmere wool in a wide variety of colors and of the highest quality.

Everything that the materials bring with them also makes up our idea of ​​fashion: Designing style with a sense of well-being. Clothing that flatters your entire sensory system, is functional for everyday use and yet corresponds to your individuality.

Sustainability, animal welfare

We think that sustainability lies in material and quality. Our high-quality knitwear usually outlives cheaper items many times. You don't have to wash them often, so you save energy and chemicals for the environment. You want to wear our sweaters when you've just turned down the heating.

Our suppliers, like us, pay attention to sustainability, fairness and above all - in the case of wool - to animal welfare. Our main supplier "Zegna Baruffa " is certified according to the "Responsible Wool Standard" and produces exclusively with sustainable energies. Because colors and quality are so important to us, we mainly buy our yarns in Italy. There is nothing comparable regionally to be found here. But at least all transports are climate-neutral.


Cashmere is the queen of wool yarns. The soft and very fine cashmere fibers are obtained from the undercoat of the cashmere goat and are elaborately processed in three production steps. The high effort and high costs are worth it because cashmere has incomparable properties:

  • It warms six times as well as sheep wool
  • The material is extremely flexible, tear-resistant and wrinkle-free. Cashmere knits are extremely durable.
  • Cashmere does not pill or form pills . It becomes more and more beautiful as you wear it.
  • Moisture is quickly absorbed and dissipated by the cashmere knitted piece, the material itself is water-repellent
  • Cashmere hardly absorbs odors, a quick airing can often replace washing
  • All this with lightness and incomparably soft wearing comfort.


Anyone who has ever worn a merino jumper will immediately appreciate the material: no scratching, cooling in summer, warming in winter and therefore perfect for any time of the year. This wool is obtained from Merino sheep. In terms of price, merino is well below cashmere. It is still not cheap, especially if the quality is high. The properties are excellent:

  • Merino cools in summer and warms in winter, the high proportion of air makes the material very breathable
  • Merino can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture and release it again quickly, so it helps you regulate moisture
  • Dirt rolls off Merino. Most stains can easily be washed out in cold water.
  • Merino knits don't smell. Even with Merino, a short airing can often replace washing
  • Merino does not pill, does not form Pilling and does not become electrostatically charged
  • The high level of fire resistance ensures that even the fire brigade wears protective clothing made from Merino
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Certifications from our manufacturers

Ensures the responsible sourcing of new wool from the ground to animal welfare to the store. Every step in the production chain is monitored and continuously checked by external auditors.