What can our sweaters do for your safety?

Was können unsere Pullis für deine Sicherheit tun?

In times like the present, when all the basics for a safe and secure attitude to life seem to have been lost, warmth and well-being may be life-saving.

We know that the thoughts that our heads send us are far from everything. The perception of our body and our sensory impressions do much more to us than we usually realize when we are not actually meditating. A soft feeling on the skin, the security that a beloved piece of clothing can give us can comfort us and let us go into life with more confidence.

Especially when we can truly and fully be content with what we own.

How often do we have to break our chains of thought when we think about what we wear on our bodies. Because it becomes unbearable. As soon as images pop up in our heads - of women who laboriously nurse our clothes in inhumane conditions, of sheep being sheared to the skin in minutes, or of mountains of unsold clothing being burned for reasons of economic efficiency - we have to stop to think and to feel and thus rob ourselves of a small piece of freedom. A little notch arises in our confidence. We expend our energy to avoid rather than to create or improve.

We want to change something here on a small scale. In this small area of ​​your life, we want to give you back your freedom and contribute a little to your well-being. Honest and personal. Looking at each piece individually and appreciating you as you appreciate our work. With joy in what we do and with the conviction that this joy has an impact on you.

Never stop thinking and feeling!

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