Inge Klemm

Inge Klemm

A special relationship. A huge thank you.

I would like to introduce you to Inge Klemm. She has been working alongside me for 14 years and is now slowly saying goodbye to the knitting machine. It is a very special relationship between Inge, who has been knitting for over 30 years, and me, the designer. Forms and colors arise in my head, often also surfaces and structures. I draw, search and then I visit Inge in front of Berlin in her very special, own realm. A special place. She was born here more than seven decades ago

Before I ask you the eight questions: I can't let go of the picture with the brown corduroy suits that you told me. Every day I experience how customers react to colour, materials and an individual offer. They shine, if you can put it that way. It seems to be an essential need. How about the brown suits?

When my son started school, I wanted to buy him a smart suit. And there were only, really only, brown corduroy suits in all sizes. We have always squinted towards the west. Nena was once seen in a red mini skirt, then we all got down to it. We had a lot of fun crafting, swapping, searching and finding.... When the wall fell, I drove to the west on the Ku Damm to "spy". I looked around the shops and then I thought I could do it too. I was not afraid. At that time I was still knitting with my husband.

Now to the eight questions:

If they were looking for you at 9 a.m., where would they find you?

Depending on the order situation on the knitting machine or sewing machine. When the weather is good, I sometimes forget about work and watch how everything is growing in the garden.

What is your favorite color?

blue and pink. But since I've been working with Lilli for lillimendelssohn, she has infected me with her enthusiasm for colors.

What inspires you?

I am a craftsman through and through. When the designer comes to me and we talk about the ideas and drafts, my inner motor starts turning. I need someone with ideas and then the models are created.

How did you become what you are?

I was born in Kaulsdorf, in the suburbs of Berlin. Here, where my knitting machine is today. I am a qualified chemical worker and later an industrial clerk. Immediately after the training I had my first child and stayed at home. My mother taught me to knit and crochet from an early age. It was easy for me and I had fun. Two friends had knitting machines. I thought that was great. I bought one too and knitted for family and friends. Then I wanted to make money with it. We had a lot of fun with fashion and everyone around me encouraged me. I learned to knit to measure in a knitting shop in Friedrichshain. Soon I was selling really well at the Hellersdorf harvest festival. In 1989, after reunification, I became self-employed. Then Lilli Mendelssohn called me.

How does your background relate to who you are?

Mmmmh. Growing up in the GDR definitely shaped me... but I don't like to brood. I prefer to tackle.

What else is important to you?

My five grandchildren are very important to me. We all live close to each other. I am very attached to my family.

What wish can I fulfill for you today?

Now? Good friendship and cooperation with Lilli.

If they were looking for you at 9 p.m., where would they find you?

I watch TV, solve puzzles and Sodoku or sew something else. Oh yes, and I cuddle with my cat.

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