Nada Quenzel

Nada Quenzel

"I combine two passions, staging faces and designing handmade things"

I (Lilli) am like almost all women: "Hats are something beautiful, but not for me. I don't have a hat face." Nada Quenzel puts traditional craftsmanship in a modern context, which is particularly exciting because she also studied photography. The clear view of human faces and the minimalist processing of classic materials for hats and caps form an idiosyncratic, simple connection. She is always looking for special materials and color combinations. Here we meet. And by the way, I am now a proud owner and wearer of a Nada Quenzel cap.

Now to the eight questions:

If they were looking for you at 9 a.m., where would they find you?

At this time I pour myself a large cup of tea and start my day's work at the work table. I'm one of the "night owls", but I'm not a morning grouch. I really like the morning light and enjoy starting the day. I try to keep my work on the laptop short in order to literally switch to manual work .

What is your favorite color?

For me, the appeal of a color is always linked to its materiality and its effect in the light. So I wouldn't want to commit myself. I'm often surprised at the exciting color schemes and combinations that nature has in store.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere. I always have all my senses on reception. Sometimes an impression remains in the subconscious until an impulse "awakens" it. Then it flows into the implementation of an idea.

How did you become what you are?

Being is not a static state and I am constantly changing, influenced by daily experiences. The decisive factor is how intensively and consistently you process what you have experienced and how you can be a good friend to yourself.

How does your background relate to who you are?

I benefit from a happy, carefree childhood with exceptional parents. I thank them very much for that. Today I always try to make myself aware that nothing can be taken for granted. Nor the opportunities for free development.

What else is important to you?

An awareness of my personal actions in the context of the community and the environment. I wish for a respectful, considerate cooperation.

What wish can I fulfill for you today?

We fulfill one of my most important wishes together every day. We are designers who work with great personal aspirations and commitment. Mutual support also plays a major role.

If they were looking for you at 9 p.m. where would they find you?

I'm a night person and usually work on my designs until after midnight. In summer I often use the evening twilight hours for a walk. That's when I like to be really "outside" by the lake. This is also a good time for inspiring conversations over a small picnic. Winter time is theater time for me. We would meet at the Schaubühne, BE or Deutsches Theater.

You can visit Nada Quenzel online. There is an online shop :

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