Stefano Angelico

Stefano Angelico

"Braves & Company wants to grow slowly, exactly how our garments are made."

About a year ago my friend Wiebke walked into my shop with the coolest pair of jeans. Above all, the fabric had a magical attraction and you could see that she felt very comfortable in it. Yes! This is exciting! That's the way it should be. Who is behind this? I was so curious. At a fashion fair I accidentally "ran into his arms" when I was about to flee with my senses spinning. He and his wife then showed me their collection with great enthusiasm. In each of his pieces, the desire to process high-quality fabrics carefully and with a great deal of craftsmanship into wonderful clothing is evident. A small passionate and warm-hearted team stands alongside and behind Stefano, inspired by tradition, experience and Mediterranean roots.

Now to the eight questions:

If they were looking for you at 9 a.m., where would they find you?

There are two possibilities, if I'm late you would find me on my Bianchi bike pushing on the pedals to run to my favorite cafe! If I'm on time, you'll find me at the cafe with my espresso! I love traditions and morning rituals, my espresso with the usual friends, the chat before starting work ...

What is your favorite color?

What a question?! Indigo!!

What inspires you?

If you mean in creating my clothes: It is not just one thing but a set of different inputs, the good quality and the characteristic of the fabrics, the fashion from thirties to seventies, the needs and characters of my clients, and my personal style .

I n my collections, all these elements always coexist.

How did you become what you are?

I have never pulled back in the face of changes, transformations, I have changed my life several times, country, language, culture ... at every step and change I have enriched myself with experiences and new points of view. I have always had the courage, or if you want the unconsciousness, to accept the challenges ... and I go on ...

How does your background relate to who you are?

My origins, the culture in which I was formed, define who I am. For me, it is important to maintain the tradition, the knowledge, the "spontaneous gestures" of a profession that I hand down from my family and that I want to keep alive

What else is important to you?

Family, loved ones, friendships, creativity, art in general, nature ... the sea and my wife's eyes ;)

What wish can I fulfill for you today?

can you send me a sunny day?!

If they were looking for you at 9 p.m., where would they find you?

Probably at my drawing table, with a good glass of wine, my favorite pencil, drawing new ideas for the next collection! but you also risk finding myself embraced by my sweetheart listening to Chet Baker ;)

You can visit Braves& Company online. There is an online shop.

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