Kristina Kaminskiené/Urbone Knittings grew up with crafts in her homeland of Lithuania.

Kristina Kaminskiené/ Urbone Knittings  ist in ihrer Heimat Litauen mit Handwerk groß geworden.

The customers fly on Kristina's bags. When I talk about her work, I always imagine her constantly crocheting among the raging boys.
Connected to traditional craftsmanship, she finds modern, contemporary, original forms. We are excited about your collection. Thanks.

Here are the eight questions (Kristina is still learning German and answers in English):

1. If they were looking for you at 9 am, where would they find you?
Near the morning cup of coffee. The yarn spreads through my hands. The repetitive motion pulls me into a relax and I know I'm doing something beautiful and it makes me happy.

2. What is your favorite color?
All colors without any doubt. I like to combine colors and beautiful textures in different ways to create beauty.

3. What inspires you?
I never really thought about that. I think my happy clients, galleries with a lot of colors, nature. I guess my answer would be the beauty all around me.

4. How did you become what you are?
We left my home country Lithuania for my husband's job and are now building our lives in Berlin. I am the mother of three wonderful boys, but I decided not only to be a mother in a foreign country, but I also wanted to do something more. I'm in love with crocheting and knitting. And here we go...I'm here with my label Urbone.

5. How does your background relate to who you are?
I grew up in the Soviet Union as a child. It's no secret that it was difficult for women to dress well or own exclusive things. All the women around me were knitting, crocheting or sewing. It was natural for a girl to learn handicraft. So my first attempts were really, really early.

6. What else is important to you?
My family, home, independence, nature.

7. What wish can I fulfill for you today?
Support me on the first POP UP Store!

8. If they were looking for you at 9 pm, where would they find you?
Surrounded by my family and cat.

See you on Friday!

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