It is a great honor and pleasure for me

Es ist mir eine große Ehre und Freude

Visit us August 31st - September 2nd, 2023


"For years I have been wearing a bracelet that was made by the women of this village and for years I have been trying to win them over to my shop..."

Suddenly coincidences coincide and two women from the tribe are currently in Berlin and have jewelry with them. How great is that?

We are pleased that you will be exhibiting with us for a few days and will be present on Friday, September 1st, 2023 from 5 p.m.

The Huni Kuin women of the Brazilian Amazon are guardians of an ancient heritage. Their sacred knowledge has been passed down from grandmothers to mothers, from mothers to daughters, for hundreds of generations: the arts and crafts of women, the harvest and preparation of food, the relationship with nature and its medicinal plants.

Women's day is hard and long. Often they only have the night to create their art objects, one of their families' main sources of income.

Art is an essential part of indigenous culture and is part of everyday life. There is no separation between everyday life and art: the production of everyday objects, clothing and everything else is artistically crafted and sung about with songs. Female traditions include making glass bead jewelry, weaving, pottery, and weaving straw to make baskets and mats.

All Huni Kuin artistic objects feature traditional symbols and patterns, the Kenê , which literally means snake drawing and shows the connection to the spiritual world.
The traditional patterns symbolize the characteristics of important animals and nature. There are popular motifs that are used again and again. Nevertheless, each artfully crafted piece is unique.

The project

With its charitable work, Living-Gaia encourages women to take responsibility for their own strength, to set up sales channels for their handicraft products, to organize themselves and thereby earn money independently. The empowerment of women thus contributes to the preservation of the habitat and culture of the Huni Kuin in the Jordão region of Brazil.

By selling the jewelry here in Europe, we want to directly support women. In addition, 10% of the proceeds go to Living Gaia eV's “Land Purchase in the Amazon” project

Living Gaia eV

The non-profit organization Living Gaia eV, founded by Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, has been working with the Huni Kuin since 2013 and cooperates with them on various levels. The aim and aim of the association is to combine the knowledge and wisdom of the indigenous cultures of the Amazon with the knowledge and wisdom of Western cultures. Living Gaia eV is currently collecting donations for the “Land purchase in the Amazon” project in order to buy land in Jordão and thus secure the endangered habitat of the Huni Kuin and reforest areas that have already been deforested.

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