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Visit us October 6th and 7th.

Anita Keckeis Kex top culture from Vorarlberg

Anita really walks through the world with alert, curious eyes, always looking for beauty and inspiration. That's how I met her 15 years ago.

It's rare to meet a person who so embodies your idea of ​​the world, art and crafts. She also seduced me to wear one of her necklaces. And yes, it makes me feel more upright, beautiful and proudly feminine.

“I love life” I believe it in hardly anyone more than Anita.

If someone were looking for you at 9 a.m., where would they find you?
At the desk

What is your favorite color?

Wow. Can you explain that to me?

What inspires you?
Art and nature

How did you become what you are?
My passion to see and feel BEAUTIFUL!

How does your origins relate to who you are?
Vorarlberg was once a textile stronghold and I knew at the age of 12
that I want to design the most beautiful lace (for myself)!
42 years later, it's still the same! Great happiness and gratitude!!!

What else is important to you?
Love and peace and respectful coexistence

What wish can I fulfill for you today?
Let's Dance!!!

If someone were looking for you at 9 p.m. in the evening, where would they find you?
Theater, jazz concert, glass of wine with wonderful people

Dear Anita, we look forward to seeing you and your feminine, extraordinary creations.

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