Scilla Design - Magdalena Wolf, the face behind the label

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The desire to create beautiful things, combined with the love of natural and sustainable materials, motivated Magdalena Wolf from Freiburg to learn leather crafts and become self-employed with her bag label Scilla.

Magdalena works in a reduced and minimalist way. Most bags are made from a single piece of leather, with the shape created solely by folding and shaping the material. The leather is held together by hidden rivets and minimal stitching to create the clean and distinctive Scilla style.

Eight questions for Magdalena so you can get to know her a little:

If they were looking for you at 9 a.m., where would they find you?

Most of the time you can find me on my bike, on the way to my studio or already at my desk or workbench, depending on the day.

What is your favorite color?

I love raspberry colors in all variations.

What inspires you?

Art, travel, my environment, music, nature and fashion. Shapes and colors inspire me to try new things.

How did you become what you are?
I grew up in the sunny city of Freiburg, surrounded by a large family. There was always something going on at home and we often had guests. I had the freedom to try my hand at whatever I wanted and started sewing early. After various positions in Germany and abroad, training and studying, I finally ended up back in Freiburg. It all started with a piece of leather that I wanted to work on without a sewing machine, and I taught myself the first tricks of leather crafting. In addition to my main job as a marketing manager in the fashion sector, I taught myself the craft by experimenting and completing various internships with bag makers. In 2019 I finally quit my job to concentrate fully on self-employment and my own label. Before the pandemic, I was published in British Vogue and in 2020 I presented my designs on the runway at New York Fashion Week. I now live in Berlin, where I make all Scilla designs by hand in my studio in Prenzlauer Berg.

How does your origins relate to who you are?
My origins and my homeland have had a strong influence on me, as has my family. I love getting to know new people, cultures and places and I really enjoy life. Nevertheless, I always like to return to my homeland.

What else is important to you?

Family, friends and life are important to me.

What wish can I fulfill for you today?

Let’s have a great and exciting pop-up event together.

If someone were looking for you at 9 p.m. in the evening, where would they find you?

In the park at a picnic with friends, at an event, on my balcony playing cards and enjoying the sunset or even on the sofa with a nice film.

Dear Magdalena, we look forward to showing your designs with us!
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